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Become Certified • Train Staff • Grow Your Business

Become Certified • Train Staff • Grow Your Business


Web-Based Training About Working With Seniors


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Become Certified

eSMMART is honored to be part of the NASMM's new Senior Move Management Certification program. Senior Move Manager-Certified (SMM-C) is a joint venture between eSMMART and NASMM, combining expert educational programs and assessments from both organizations. SMM-C is the only certification program for Senior Move Managers that is based on both knowledge and experience, and is the only certification program offered by a professional, non-profit trade association.

A core requirement of the SMM-C is completion of five designated eSMMART courses. These five competency-based courses have been grouped into a convenient, affordable bundle. Once you complete them, you are well on your way to earning your Certification. Visit the eSMMART course catalogue to read about these and other courses you may be interested in.

NASMM members receive special NASMM-only rates by using a NASMM promo code. Once you become Certified, you can create a Company Account and purchase courses for you and your staff at even greater discounts.

Grow Your Business

Business is one presentation after another. Whether it's an elevator pitch to referral sources, or a program in front of prospects, you use presentation skills every day. Your success as a business owner depends in large part on how well you present yourself, your message and your value to the market.

Most people assume they are good speakers, when in fact, most people are average speakers. If you become an excellent public speaker, you can distinguish yourself from competitors and have a real competitive advantage. Whether your business is large or small, you can speak your way to success, and eSMMART provides the tools you need to get there.

Public Speaking 2.0 is a six-part course and workbook designed especially for Senior Move Managers. This course is so powerful, it even includes a money-back guarantee. Go from mediocre to magnificent with Public Speaking 2.0.

Presentations in a Box are 5 ready-made PowerPoint presentations for you to customize and use to market and grow your business.

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