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Behind Closed Doors: Getting a Handle on Hoarding


This course takes you behind closed doors into the fascinating world of hoarding. It describes what hoarding is, what hoarders typically collect and how hoarding impacts the lives of both people who hoard and their families. The fourth module provides 25 guidelines for working with hoarders, as well as an intervention protocol to help you understand how and when to intervene.

This course includes the award-winning film, Packrat, that explores the issue of hoarding through two families whose lives were shaped by parents who were “packrats.”


As a result of this course, you will:

  • Learn how hoarding is different from collecting and why hoarding often runs in families
  • Understand why hoarding becomes a more serious problem as people age
  • Learn about the thought processes that drive hoarders to collect and see value in worthless items
  • Understand the barriers to treatment
  • Learn about the ICD Clutter Hoarding Scale
  • Learn about resources and books to access for help with hoarding situations
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