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Bed, Bath, Linens & Beyond


Of all the rooms in the new home, the bedroom and bathroom are the most important. These are the rooms that must be unpacked for clients to sleep in their new home. This course describes techniques and strategies for packing and unpacking the bedroom, bathroom and closets.

Since bedrooms and closets do not contain a lot of fragile items, they are usually the first place where new staff are assigned. This course can be the foundation of your orientation program so new employees understand your procedures and can hit the ground running.


As a result of this course, you will:

  • Understand the need for tact when dealing with separate bedrooms, bathroom safety aids and disposable underwear
  • Learn when things can be left in drawers and when they need to be packed
  • Learn how to handle loose items in and on bureaus so they don't get lost
  • Understand how to read the client for clues about special packing/unpacking requirements
  • Understand how to use closet reality checks
  • Learn how to handle shoe bags, hand bags, garment bags and bed skirts
  • Learn how to prevent cartons from being left behind
  • Learn how to prevent screws and bolts from bed frames from getting lost
  • Understand why toilet paper should be the first thing you unpack in the new home

Note: The packing courses are NOT mobile.

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