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The Kitchen: From Soup to Nuts


Kitchens require packing know-how, organization skills and expert labeling. They include a wide variety of items, both fragile and not, and are often the emotional core of the home. This six part course walks you through every aspect of kitchen packing, from developing your plan to unpacking the last spoon.


As a result of this course, you will:

  • Understand the importance of replicating the client's sense of organization, not your own
  • Know how to create a safe work station and how to protect surfaces
  • Know how to handle refrigerated medication
  • Learn why nesting saves space and time
  • Learn how to create tiers or layers in a dish carton and what goes on each tier
  • Know how to pack knives safely so neither the packer nor unpacker gets hurt
  • Learn how to pack ordinary and fine wine
  • Learn which items must be transported by hand (cannot go on the moving truck)
  • Understand the components of a kosher kitchen, including what has to be separated and what does not

Note: The packing courses are NOT mobile.

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