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Develop Staff

Staff Development helps recruit and retain employees, builds loyalty, develops leaders and increases professionalism. When your company has a staff development ladder, employees understand from the beginning that there are growth opportunities in your organization, and that you value them enough to invest in their future.

Orientation Bundle

eSMMART's Orientation to Senior Move Management Bundle is the perfect starting point for every employee. It's what you want staff to know, right from the beginning, so they are productive and billable quickly. The 4-course Orientation Bundle helps employees understand:

  • tools of the trade
  • principles of downsizing
  • how to minimize liability
  • how to maximize safety
  • the values of the Senior Move Management industry
  • the Senior Living Industry and
  • the NASMM Code of Ethics.

At the end of each course, staff can print a Course Completion Certificate. Upon successful completion of all 4 courses, they can print a Certificate of Achievement for the entire program. The Orientation to Senior Move Management Certificate is level 1 of your staff development ladder. Click here to learn more.  

Advanced Training

As staff mature and are ready to assume more responsiblity, you need a way to build on prior learning, teach new competencies and prepare them to lead. The 5-course eSMMART Advanced Training Bundle provides in-depth knowledge about:

  • normal, age-related memory loss
  • dementia and cognitve disorders
  • hearing loss, apahsia and Elderspeak,
  • working with hoarders and
  • aging in place.

The courses in the Advanced Training Bundle are same 5 courses required for NASMM SMM-C Certification, so if you decide later to certify staff, they will have already fulfilled the eSMMART training requirement. At the end of each course, staff can print a Course Completion Certificate. They will need these certificates if they apply for Certification. Upon successful completion of all 5 courses, they can print the Certificate of Achievement for the entire program. The Advanced Training Certificate is level 2 of your staff development ladder. Click here to learn move.

How To Set Up Your Staff Development Program

Summary: You (1) buy courses (using the NASMM discount code), (2) tell the system they are for someone else, (3) assign courses to specific employees and (4) monitor staff progress. Staff log in and take the courses. It's that simple. Read the steps below for more detail. 

Buy Courses

1.  To get the NASMM Promo Code, login to MyNASMM. Go to Education and Mentoring/Certification; the discount code is at the bottom of the page, in red.  

2. Sign in under your own account and purchase any bundle. 

Tell the System They are For someone Else

3. The system will ask if you are purchasing the bundle for yourself or for someone else (an employee). If you are purchasing the bundle for an employee, check "Someone Else."

Use the NASMM Discount Code

4. In order to receive NASMM-only pricing, you must enter the NASMM promo code at Check Out. Refunds will not be made if you complete the purchase without entering the promo code.

Assign Courses to Specific Employees

5. Click on the My Account link, and then select View Registration Codes. This will list the courses you have purchased for staff.

6. Select the courses you want to assign and click Email Registration Code.

7. Enter the email address of the employee for whom you've purchased courses. When you hit "Send," this automaticlly sends them an email inviting them to set up an eSMMART account. (If you want, you can include a personal message in the email). When employees set up their account and login, the courses you purchased are in their account and ready for them to take.

8. If the employee already has an eSMMART account, they will still get an email inviting them to set up an account. However, they can simply login. The courses will be in their account. 

Monitor Completion

9. To see if staff have completed courses you purchased for them, go to your account and click User Completion Report.

When Staff Leave

10. Courses are assigned to individuals and the system tracks individual performance. If an employee leaves your staff, unused courses cannot be transferred to a new user account. 


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