5 Key Questions That Will Help You Choose The Right Funeral Directors

When a loved one passes, it can be a trying and highly emotional time for all the family; however, despite the grief, there are still many practicalities to consider, and one of those is choosing funeral directors for the deceased’s funeral. Given that funerals, thankfully, are not an everyday occurrence for families, there might not be any plans in place for such a choice, nor a funeral director that the family has used recently.

The good news is that almost all funeral directors are professional in what they do, for example, Silkwood Funerals; however, that does not mean you should not take some care and time in choosing one. To assist in this task, having a series of simple questions will help you answer the questions about which funeral director is the right one. Here are five key questions and what you should look for in the answers.

What Budget Do You Have?

Before getting into the specifics of the funeral director arranging and conducting the funeral, you must determine the available budget. In every instance, this will differ between different families, so there is no figure we can give you that we suggest you aim for.

Variables include whether the deceased has a funeral plan, how much each family member is willing to contribute, and if any of the deceased’s life insurance plans are due to be paid out to cover the costs. Bear in mind that the budget will heavily influence what type of funeral arrangements can be made.

What Services Do The Funeral Directors Offer?

With the budget established, you can now start to enquire with local funeral directors about what funeral services they can offer you. It might help if you discuss with your family before this what they would like to have and consider any wishes that your loved one may have had for their funeral.

The services offered should cover everything from floral arrangements to the type of coffin, from the number of pallbearers to the number of cars required. At this stage, also request that the funeral directors provide you a written price for each service and a total quote for the entire package.

Can They Tailor The Service To Meet Your Loved One’s Wishes?

We previously mentioned the deceased’s wishes, as many funerals are based upon these. You should ask the funeral directors you are considering if they can fulfil those wishes. If the funeral is to be standard, then there should be no issues. However, not every funeral can be deemed ‘standard’.

A modern trend is for funerals to celebrate the departed’s life, especially if they were younger when they passed away. Requests such as pop/rock music to be played during the funeral, brightly coloured hearses, and videos being played during the service are just some requests that not every funeral director might be able to grant.

Do They Have Experience, Testimonials, And Positive Reviews?

Many families consider this the most crucial question when seeking funeral directors, and we tend to agree. Knowing that the funeral arrangements for a departed loved one are in the hands of funeral directors with years of experience is highly comforting.

In addition, when a funeral director has numerous testimonials and reviews from families praising their thoughtfulness and professionalism, it can choose one much easier and less stressful for the bereaved family.

How Will They Care For Your Loved One?

This question will mean more to some families than others based on many factors, such as their religious beliefs, what is written in their will and whether the deceased is to be buried or cremated. It can also depend on personal emotions, given that some families will want to know every detail of how their loved one will be cared for, whilst others might not wish to think about it and not even ask the question.

If this matters to you and your family, do not be afraid to ask this question of your funeral directors. They will undoubtedly answer it compassionately, and within that conversation, the question of whether the family wishes to see their loved one for one last time as they lie in the chapel of rest and pay their respects may arise.