not just milk these days

Milk is not just milk

We recommend choosing a milk that is good for you-a milk like milk used to and should be. A milk that tastes like milk. Have you ever had a real glass of milk?

Most supermarket milk is pasteurised, ultra pasteurised and/or homogenised and is produced from cows who are completely confined and live only to produce milk, making them sickly, weak, disease prone Moos. These are not healthy, happy cows making nutritious milk. These cows produce 4 times what a normal cow would and must be pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones to sustain this output.

More milk=cheaper milk right? Right. But where do all those growth hormones and antibiotics go? Into your cheap milk along with the pus that the antibiotics don’t clear. Not to worry….the reason these milks are ultra pasteurised is to ensure they are safe for human consumption and do not fret there is a maximum limit on how much pus is allowed into our milk…..!?!?!?

What’s pasteurisation?

“Pasteurization is a quick heat process designed to kill unpleasant bacteria and protect us against infectious diseases. But, it is no guarantee of cleanliness. Every single outbreak of salmonella from contaminated milk in recent decades have occurred in pasteurized milk — milk that’s supposed to be “cleaned. Besides not being the fail-proof protector that we’re told it is, pasteurization does a lot to milk to rob it of its value to us as a source of good nutrition.” From Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions

A few of our favourite milks are:

Over The Moon (available at the Newcastle Farmers Markets)
Udder Farm (available at the Hunter Valley Growers Market here in Charlestown Square)
Pure Pastures (available at Harris Farm)
From the supermarket if you’re in a hurry-Norco, A2 or Paul’s (do a great organic non-homogenised)

It can be a little more expensive to choose these milks but it will be cheaper for your health in the long run, plus the more of us who make good choices, the more widely it will become available. Harris Farm is the most economical buy for families with their Pure Pastures Jersey Milk. And it is delicious!