7 Simple Ways To Hide Carpet Stains Until The Pro Carpet Cleaners Attend

7 Simple Ways To Hide Carpet Stains Until The Pro Carpet Cleaners Attend

So, you have finally booked professional Perth carpet cleaners to come and give your carpets the proper clean they so desperately need. The problem is they are in so much demand it will be a couple of weeks before they can come round. You look at your carpets and see how dirty they are and the many stains they have, and start to panic.

Between now and when the carpet cleaners are due, you have your sister visiting with her husband, and it is hubby’s birthday next week, and when you always invite a few friends round for drinks. What are they going to think when they see the state of your carpets and all those stains? They will think you are lazy and keep an unclean house. Aaarrgghh!

Ok, time to stop panicking because none of that is going to happen. Why? Well, because we have some awesome ways for you to “hide” the stains in your carpet until your professional carpet cleaners can deal with them properly. They may not remove them completely, but they will at least stop you fretting about your friends and family seeing them and passing judgement on you.

#1 – Warm Water And Soap: Admittedly not the most earth-shattering suggestion but it is amazing how many stains can be minimised or even removed by good old fashioned soap and warm water. The soap you use is dish soap and the process is to simply wet the stain with the soapy water, and then dab it gently using a sponge or cloth.

#2 – Damp Towel And Iron: Another one that has been passed down over the years, but it still works. Place a damp towel over the stain, and then press it with a warm iron. Next, press the “Steam” button on your iron and the stains should transfer from your carpet to the towel.

#3 – Rugs Rule: For us, this is undoubtedly the simplest of them all, and is especially suitable when you have stains that only professional carpet cleaners can remove. All you do is take whatever rugs you have, or buy some new rugs, and cover the stains with them. Could not be easier.

#4 – Potted Plants To The Rescue: This obviously cannot be used for stains slap bang in the middle of your lounge or hallway, for example. However, for visible stains near corners or edges of the room, placing potted plants over makes them “disappear”.

#5 – Furniture Merry-Go-Round: People often move their furniture around just for a bit of a change. In this instance, you move your furniture around but do it strategically so that larger items like chairs, sofas, and bookcases cover over the stains in the room. Just remember to move them all back before your carpet cleaners arrive.

#6 – Box Clever: This will work best in certain rooms, but essentially what you do is place boxes where the worst stains are. Boxes is a catchall term meaning you could use any large container such as a laundry basket, a child’s toy box, the dog’s toy box or even a briefcase.

#7 – Exclusion Zones: If all else fails and there is no means or ways to cover up a hideous stain then you could take dramatic action and stop people from entering that room. Think of any reasonable or believable excuse you can for their exclusion. Ironically, you could evens say “Something’s been spilt on the carpet in there.”