Why Dentures Might Be the Best Option for You

Why Dentures Might Be the Best Option for You

Whether you’ve lost your natural teeth to decay, disease, or even an accident, you might be wondering what your options are. Your dentist might recommend dentures, which are especially common among older adults.

However, not everyone is convinced that dentures are the right option for them. While it’s true that dental implants might also be of value, there are several reasons why dentures could be even better for your unique situation.

They Are Comfortable to Wear

Technology is evolving all the time, which means that uncomfortable dentures your own grandparents wore several decades ago may not be the same dentures you can expect to wear. It’s true that it can take a few visits to your dentist to achieve the correct fit, but these visits are worth it for your overall comfort.

When you finally feel confident with dentures in your mouth, you’ll likely wonder why you didn’t consider them earlier.

You Can Eat and Talk Normally

Missing, broken, and damaged teeth can severely impact how you eat and talk. You may even have significant limitations regarding what you eat. Dentures can change that.

While some foods are still best to be avoided to help your dentures last the distance, you can otherwise be unimpeded. Talking, eating, and chewing can all become normal, natural actions once more.

Improved Facial Appearance

There’s no shame in aging, but missing teeth can make you look even older than you are. This is because your teeth act as a sort of support for your face. Without them, your facial structure can change.

Dentures can give it back. They can also slow down how long it takes for your oral bone structure to deteriorate, something that’s bound to give you much-needed confidence.

Confidence to Smile

Speaking of confidence, dentures may be able to improve your self-esteem and give you more confidence to smile. Rather than people being able to see missing or severely damaged or diseased teeth, they can be looking at a sparkling set of pearly whites that look just like natural teeth.

Reduce Wear On Your Remaining Teeth

You may not realise it, but you don’t have to opt for a complete set of dentures. If you still have healthy teeth, your dentist might recommend partial dentures. Investing in partial dentures can mean you’re putting less pressure on your remaining teeth to perform. Instead, all chewing is distributed evenly among all your teeth.

You Can Remove Them For Cleaning

Everyone at some point in their life has failed to clean their teeth as thoroughly as is required. It’s rarely on purpose, but failure to carry out proper cleaning can lead to cavities and other problems.

That’s not the case with dentures. These teeth are removable for easy cleaning. You can also buy specific denture cleaning products to make the process much easier than if you were cleaning your natural teeth.

They Look Natural

You know your dentures aren’t your natural teeth, but no one else has to. You can ask your dentist about either plastic or porcelain dentures, both of which may be the best option for you.

You may have spent your whole life dealing with dental problems, but those days could be over. Talk to your dentist about whether replacing some or all of your teeth with dentures may be the best option for you.