Most Common Signs Of An Aging Plumbing System

Most Common Signs Of An Aging Plumbing System

One of the last things you want to go wrong in your home is the plumbing. Plumbing problems can cost a fortune, especially when leaks spring and lead to significant water damage.

However, you can pre-empt issues that will require your attention sooner rather than later in some situations. Typically, this is because of an aging plumbing system. So, how can you tell your plumbing system is getting old? Any of these indicators below can point to that being the case.

Water is Discoloured

You mostly expect any water that comes out of your tap to be clear, but that’s not always the case if your plumbing system is getting old. Cloudy water can be caused by air within your pipes, but rust is a known problem if your water is coming out brown or yellow.

If your water has a green tint, corrosion in copper pipes might be to blame. Sometimes, it’s not your pipes that are to blame, but your city’s. In either situation, call a plumber to identify the cause of the issue and come up with a solution.

Your Pipes Are Old

An aging plumbing system is, of course, identifiable by its old pipes. All pipe materials have an expected lifespan, and you may start to notice issues if they begin to reach the end of it.

For example, brass and PVC pipes can last around 70 years but can also start failing when they have been in place for upwards of 30 years. You may notice that galvanized steel pipes can last about half a century and the same for copper pipes.

If you know how old your house is and whether the pipes are original, you may expect some plumbing-related problems in the future.

The Pipes Are Discoloured

Discoloured water from pipes can be one sign of aging plumbing, but having discoloured pipes is also a sure sign that age has not been kind to them. Flaking metal, rust, and corrosion can signal leakage.

You Notice Peeling or Bubbling Paint

Typically, any sign of peeling or bubbling when it comes to paint can be blamed on moisture. Your roof may be leaking, or you might have problems with your plumbing system located in the ceiling. As soon as you start to notice any discolouration on your ceiling or even blistering or spots, and you have ruled out a roof leak, contact a plumber to determine the cause.

Your Outdoor Area Looks Different

Sometimes, signs of an aging plumbing system can start to present themselves outside your home rather than inside. You might notice that one area of your lawn is much greener than the rest, or you have a permanently soggy part of your lawn. This could indicate a broken sewer pipe that requires attention.

In this case, age can be to blame, but so can trees. Planting trees too close to infrastructure can cause roots to grow where they shouldn’t. Contact a plumber to find out about your options.

No one ever wants to hear the news that their plumbing system is old, and things are starting to go wrong. However, if you can relate to any of these factors above, now might be the right time to start looking at your plumbing replacement options.