Best Low Impact Exercises For Seniors

Even though physical fitness is recommended for both young and old, many older adults can find it challenging to keep up. Bone and joint pain, along with connective tissue issues, can make most standard exercise types uncomfortable and even painful.

However, that’s not to say you can’t exercise at all, especially since it’s so crucial for our health and wellbeing. If pain and discomfort are slowing you down, consider any of the following low-impact exercise types.


Walking is something that requires minimal effort, no money, and no extra equipment. It’s also something you can do in the comfort of your home with equipment if you have no intentions of venturing out.

This excellent aerobic exercise type is gentle on your body and ideal for body conditioning. Now might be the perfect time to purchase a high-quality pair of walking shoes and pound the pavement.


Yoga has many proven benefits, such as improving your mood. However, it can also help improve your strength, core muscles, balance, and overall physical fitness. Many health practitioners recommend gentle yoga sessions for older adults to reduce the risk of falls while aiding in overall wellbeing.


If you struggle with joint pain, many exercise types can be painful. However, swimming typically isn’t one of them. The water’s buoyancy counteracts gravity, which means no pressure is put on your joints to perform.

Swimming is also an excellent recreational activity that allows you to tone your muscles while feeling fitter and healthier.

Strengthening Exercises

Without regular exercise, it’s easy to lose strength in your muscles. You may be able to stop this from happening by using resistance bands or light weights. Do what you’re most comfortable with, and don’t feel afraid to reach out to experts for help if you’re not sure which exercise options are right for you.


Pilates was developed centuries ago, and it has been a popular form of low-impact exercise for men and women ever since. Pilates involves focusing on your core strength, breathing, and concentration with Pilates balls and mats. There are many great Pilates exercise options for seniors, such as leg circles, step-ups, and side circles.


Even though you may not see cycling as a low-impact exercise, it can suit many people’s exercise requirements. It’s also an incredibly customisable exercise type, especially since you can cycle on a bike or inside your home or a gym with a stationary bike.

Current evidence from the Government of Western Australia suggests that cycling may be able to reduce the risk of heart attacks in people over 60.


Not all low-impact exercises have to be those you hear about from personal trainers and in exercise magazines. Instead, simply getting active in the garden can be how you remain active while also not putting too much stress and pressure on your body.

There are plenty of ways to make your garden safer for you, such as gardening stools and raised flower beds.

Getting old and experiencing pain and discomfort doesn’t have to mean you have to stop exercising. As you can see from these suggestions above, there are plenty of suitable exercise options that may suit your tastes and requirements. Talk to your doctor about the best low impact exercises for your unique situation.