How Your Age Can Influence Your Laser Eye Surgery Options

It is the case that many medical treatments and surgical procedures come with caveats and limits based on a patient’s age and that most certainly applies to LASIK eye surgery. This means that when a laser eye surgery consultant is assessing your suitability for laser eye surgery, your age is going to be one of the factors they take into account, although not as much as they will consider the health of your eyes as a factor.

When people become aware of that fact, especially those who are older, they assume that means that there is an upper age limit for laser eye surgery. They are usually pleasantly surprised to learn that contrary to there being an upper age limit, there is instead, a lower age limit. For details on that and other advice relating to age and laser eye surgery, please continue reading.

Lower Age Limit for Eye Surgery

When a person turns 18 it means they can legally buy alcohol, gamble, obtain a mortgage, and vote in elections. It is also the age that they become eligible for laser eye surgery, although there are several caveats, so being 18 does not automatically make you a candidate for laser eye surgery.