7 Tips For Landscapers To Create A Child-Friendly Garden

Any homeowners with children, especially younger children, thinking about having landscaping to transform their garden must ensure that both they and the landscaper consider those children when discussing the design. What is even better is if the created landscape design has features that help ensure the children’s safety and provide them with educational and fun activities.

For Perth Landscapes, the extent of these child-friendly features will depend on the garden’s size and the budget for its design and construction. However, most of the steps that can be taken to create a child-friendly landscape design are not expensive, as you are about to discover when you read the seven tips that follow.

Take Account Of The Children’s Ages

Landscape design for a family with children aged 4 and 6 will differ greatly from one with children aged 9 and 11. For example, any play area for much younger children should be close to the house so parents can constantly watch them. In contrast, older children might prefer their play area to be semi-hidden to give them space to play unfettered by their parent’s attention.