5 Health Problems to Make You Consider Retirement

Retirement planning is on many people’s horizons, with those reaching retirement age often seeking help from financial planners to maximise their entitlements and learn about superannuation access.

However, not everyone retires simply because they reach an age that entitles them to pension payments. Some people quit work because they experience health conditions, such as these below.

Depressive Symptoms

The prevalence of depressive symptoms in older adults living in Australia is well-known, with around eight percent of healthy community-dwelling Australians over the age of 60 experiencing depressive symptoms in recent studies. They were also more frequently experienced by women, current smokers, ethnic minorities, and those living alone or in residential care.

Depressive symptoms can involve your mood, behaviour, sleep, body, cognition, and weight. You may consider retirement if you feel general discontent, loss of interest, sadness, fatigue, or other common signs of clinical depression.